AEW Takes A Shot At WWE’s “No Leg Slapping” Rule, New T-Shirt On ShopAEW


Don Callis had some fun on Wednesday night’s episode of Dynamite at the expense of WWE.

Kenny Omega’s manager interrupted a backstage interview with AEW World Tag-Team Champions The Young Bucks. Callis proceeded to offer his condolences to the Bucks over the heinous attack by The Inner Circle on their father (Papa Buck) a few weeks ago. Callis offered Matt and Nick a gift that read, “DO NOT SLAP LEG WHEN KICKING”. Matt Jackson immediately tossed the t-shirt aside. Funny enough, the shirt can actually be purchased at


This joke by Callis follows up on a jab by The Young Bucks themselves on the latest episode of “Being the Elite”, where they poked fun at the new rule mentioned above for WWE. The t-shirt is a reference to a recent WWE rule that bars wrestlers from slapping their leg during kicks, a technique used to emphasize a kick’s sound effect. WWE Superstars who are caught doing this will be fined.

You can check out the segment below:

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