AEW Wrestler Riho on Her Relationship with Kenny Omega


In a new interview with Sportskeeda, Joshi wrestler Riho discussed her history with Kenny Omega and what it was like to work AEW Double Or Nothing on May 25. Below are some highlights.

Riho on her bond with Kenny Omega:

(Laughs) I don’t know if you can call it a bond. We tagged together maybe five, maybe eight years ago. I think when he saw me compete, he was fascinated with regards to my potential.

Riho talks about her AEW Double Or Nothing experience:

Yes, it was the biggest crowd that I have performed for. However, all of the wrestlers were from Japan so thankfully, it was the same style that I’m used to, that I’m comfortable with.
The only difference is that I was performing in front of 20000 people. That gave me the feeling that everything I’ve done until now was for something. That it accomplished something.

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Riho on her upcoming Fyter Fest match:

I am one of the two Joshis who’s been called back for a repeat after the success of AEW Double or Nothing. So, I’ve to work harder than ever and will perform better than ever.

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