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Anthony Ogogo Confirms He’s Signed A New Contract With AEW



Anthony Ogogo has officially confirmed the reports that he has signed a new deal with All Elite Wrestling.

Ogogo, who hasn’t been seen on AEW TV since AEW All In 2023, re-signed with the company in late 2022 or early 2023. The deal will keep him with Tony Khan’s promotion through 2025.

Speaking on a recent edition of the “AEW Unrestricted” podcast, Ogogo confirmed that he’s working under a new deal. He said,

“I think there is a stigma attached to me now, maybe I create this in my own head. I think the stigma attached to me now is I have all this potential, I haven’t gotten the experience yet. How do you get experience when you’re not given experience? You can go on the Indies and do a little bit. There’s working there and there’s working AEW.”

He continued, “I’m in this weird situation where I think there’s a lot of potential around me, and Tony Khan has signed me and re-signed me. He obviously sees something in me. I have this aura that people haven’t got because they haven’t done what I’ve done in real life, but it’s like I need to get the experience. It’s the catch-22. What do you do? Do I pimp myself out and do every Indie and get the experience. Then again, working in front of 100 people is very different than working in front of 5000. Do I sit and be patient? I don’t want to be patient anymore. I want to show my worth and show what I can do. If I didn’t think I could deliver, I wouldn’t be saying this, but I know what I can do. I just want to contribute.”

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