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Arn Anderson Says He Doesn’t Miss Being A WWE Producer



On a recent edition of his “The ARN Show” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson discussed his time working as a WWE producer and why he doesn’t miss the job anymore.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On what he misses the most about being a WWE producer: “I can honestly say beyond reproach I have never woken up — since the WWE days. I’ve never woken up and gone, ‘God, I wish I could be an agent today. I wish to be a producer of that.’ All I have to be responsible for is me… I trust me. I’ll know what the right thing is, and I will be able to communicate to you. Now, whether you go with that or not. That’s entirely up to you. But I’m pretty — you know, the one thing that kept me in that job for 25 years or whatever it was, 24 years, is I have one innate ability to be able to spot talent and know what they should or shouldn’t do, and convey that to him. Which is a pretty good talent to have.”

On his longevity in the role: “[I had] the honesty of looking at somebody and going, ‘Hey, you do this, this, this flawlessly. This, not so much. I’d take that out.’ And having their trust, because I don’t do it in a smart a**ed way. I’m trying to protect them from them. But if you give them that option and they choose not to do it, where it gets frustrating for me is getting the heat and the responsibility for something in a match that I advised them not to do, and they do it anyway. And now I get the heat for it. That’s pretty frustrating. I think if you think to think about that for a minute.”

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