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Arn Anderson Says MJF Is ‘Unlimited’ In What He Can Achieve + AEW Wrestler Pulled From TripleMania



Arn Anderson believes AEW wrestler MJF is “unlimited” in what he can achieve in the professional wrestling business.

Speaking with Bill Apter on a recent edition of the “WrestleBinge” podcast, the AEW producer commented on what the former AEW World Champion has to offer. He said,

“I think MJF is unlimited in what he can achieve in this business as long as — you gotta take less chances in this business. A lot of these guys take — and I’ve seen him do things that, were they spectacular? Yes. Were they athletic? Yes. Were they incredible? Yes. But did they particularly need it?”

He continued, “I’m using him as an example, but it’s kind of across the board. You just don’t beat your body up. You only got one. To the point that, before you know it, you’ve had a brilliant five-year career.”

Kyle Fletcher has been pulled from his AAA TripleMania XXXII: Tijuana match. Instead, Blake Christian will be stepping in for Fletcher to team with CIMA and Nick Wayne to face off against the teams of Komander, Laredo Kid & Octagon Jr. and D’Luxe, Destiny, & Noisy Boy.

As of this writing, there is no word on why Fletcher has been pulled from the June 15th event.

You can check out the updated AAA TripleMania XXXII: Tijuana card below:

* Alberto El Patron, Dave The Clown, Murder Clown & Vampiro vs. Parker Boudreaux, QT Marshall, Sam Adonis & Satnam Singh
* Brado De Oro Jr, Negro Casas & Psycho Clown vs. Dr Wagner Jr., Galeno del Mal & TBA
* Cibernetico, Dark Cuervo & Dark Ozz vs. Dark Scoria, Dark Spiritu & El Mesias
* Komander, Laredo Kid & Octagon Jr. vs. CIMA, Nick Wayne & Blake Christian vs. D’Luxe, Destiny, & Noisy Boy
* Flammer, La Hiedra & Maravilla vs. Havok, Rosemary & Tasha Steelz

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