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Arn Anderson Wants To Face Cody Rhodes From Today’s Wrestlers



On a recent edition of his “The ARN Show” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson expressed his desire to wrestle Cody Rhodes from the modern era of wrestlers.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On who he would want to wrestle from today’s wrestling: “Cody [Rhodes]. Just so I can say, ‘Look here, you punk. I used to abuse your dad now and your brother. And now it’s your turn.’ Of course, it would not go that way, we know that. But it would be nice to set the mood and stage with a story there. That could be my twist on it… That could be my slant. But no, no. I’ve said so many times: anytime somebody, I mean this business, guys are constantly — and you see it now more than ever. Guys are jumping companies. When their contract comes due, they’re moving on. You know, it’s all over the place now, right? Which I think is great. It’s like, take all the wrestlers and putting them in one bowl. Shake it up, throw it around a table and you have your various companies sitting there, which is pretty cool. There’s just — more than anything, there’s just such a history. And I owe his dad a ton. I loved helping Dustin come along when he was in his early stages and, you know, seeing his growth in the business. And you know, the same thing happened with Cody when Cody was with Randy and DiBiase, they were great. They were great together. And I had a lot of their matches. I loved it.”

On his favorite style of ending matches: “I am a big fan of both guys working their match towards their finish. For example, somebody finish is a Figure Four, I love them working the entire match, trying to soften up a leg. The storytelling, you know? If done well and sold properly, it just gets you reeled in. You know, and when you damage an area, you know, for me a spinebuster. If I got a heat on a guy’s back, and stayed with the back and the back was softened up. And by the time you hit the spinebuster, which could come in preferably out of nowhere? The guy was already damaged. I love the storytelling part of finishes.”

On meeting Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross for the first time: “Well, it’s funny with Jim. Jim was working for Bill Watts when I first went there as me. And I was there for five months. And then I left, and I went to Georgia Championship Wrestling, where I spent six or seven months. Then I went to Pensacola, where I was 14 months. Went to Crockett, and I was there for three years. But during that time, Tony Schiavone would have been the first guy that I met as far as the announce team. And I think Jim Ross came along later. Do I have that correct? And just, the professionalism was incredible. And Tony and I hit it off right away. We were just — he was a big wrestling fan like I was. And I think anybody that really excels at this business was a big fan first. And I could tell Tony was a fan. And we’ve been friends ever since. And Jim, I’ve worked for. He was my boss, you know, with WWE. I worked with him as him as just an announcer, obviously with WCW and Crockett. So just respect how good they are and what they do.”

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