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Backstage Update On Shane McMahon-AEW Speculation



Fans have been buzzing about the idea of Shane McMahon joining AEW. The speculation began when Jim Ross talked about it on his “Grilling JR” podcast during a Q&A session. He mentioned that McMahon joining the promotion would be so crazy that it might actually work.

On the latest episode of the podcast, Ross’ co-host Conrad Thompson shared that he heard from a friend that it’s not as unlikely as people think and Shane has shown some hypothetical interest by reaching out.

According to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, people from the AEW side who should have knowledge about this either haven’t heard anything or have only heard what Thompson said.

AEW President Tony Khan also addressed the report, saying that he has never met or talked to Shane McMahon in his life. Dave Meltzer wrote,

“One person noted to us that there was a conversation between McMahon and an ex-WWE talent in AEW and it was described as not a pitch to get in or anything, just two people chatting when McMahon said something to the effect of can you imagine if I walked out there on Dynamite?, not as if he was pitching anything. They said it wasn’t serious and that would explain why no key people in AEW had even heard of it before Thompson talked about it. Thompson didn’t talk about it seriously as if it would happen either, just that he had knowledge of the conversation.”

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