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Bryan Danielson – ‘Doctors Tell Me I’ll Need Surgery Again Soon’



AEW’s Bryan Danielson believes he’ll be going under the knife for another surgery soon, based off of what he’s been told by medical experts.

In a “Digital Exclusive” shared to AEW’s Twitter account, Danielson spoke about his series of injuries and shared news of a future surgery. He said,

“Somebody paid a price to take out FTR, to take out me before Anarchy In The Arena. We know exactly who it is. No, I hurt my neck real bad. Then I’m wrestling Will Ospreay. I go to give him a Frankensteiner off the top rope. I’ve never had this happen to me. Dude lands right on his feet. I go straight down on my head, and then later in the match, right before he pins me, he hits me with a storm driver.

“I got shooting pains down my arm. I’m at home and I have to go get MRIs. I have a compression of the nerve root at C6, C7, and C7, T1. I’ve got this shooting pain that’s running down my arm that won’t go away. The doctor is telling me that pretty soon I’m going to have to have surgery.

“The only way I can hold out, the only way that I can hold out is if I can keep the strength in my right hand. Right now it’s still there. I have the shooting pain, but I’ve still got the strength.”

Danielson will be a part of the upcoming Anarchy in the Arena match that will see him team with FTR and Darby Allin to face off against The Elite at AEW Double or Nothing 2024.

There’s no confirmation on when Danielson will undergo surgery but his contract with AEW is set to expire later this year.

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