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Chris Jericho Says Paul Heyman Avoided His Efforts To Get Hired To ECW



Chris Jericho’s efforts to get hired to ECW proved to be especially difficult as Paul Heyman did what he could to avoid speaking with him.

On a recent edition of his “Talk Is Jericho” podcast, the AEW wrestler recalled trying to get hired for a year to the original ECW despite Heyman’s efforts. He said,

“I remember I was living in Calgary at the time working mostly in Japan and I tried to get into ECW for a year. I started calling — Mick Foley gave me Paul [Heyman]’s number, and I started calling Paul.

“I got in touch with him twice. One time he answered, he says, ‘Hello?’ I said, ‘Is Paul Heyman there, please?’ ‘No, this is his roommate Dave.’ It sounds like f**king Paul Heyman, and the other time, he goes, ‘Hello?’ ‘It’s Chris Jericho.’ ‘Chris Jericho, I’m just on the other line with Jimmy Snuka I’ll call you right back.'”

Jericho added that when he converged with Foley, the Hardcore legend asked if Paul had claimed he was speaking to Snuka and told Jericho that he “got f****d.”

Chris Jericho would make his debut for ECW in February 1996 but would leave and sign with World Championship Wrestling that same year.

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