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Darby Allin On His First Film – ‘I Want To Blow The Doors Down’



While speaking with Fightful for a new interview, Darby Allin revealed that he is set to direct a full-length feature film in the fall.

The AEW wrestler has expressed interest in either directing or acting in films in the past and will now get his chance. He said,

“Yes and no. I always get this worry of, whenever a wrestler does something outside of wrestling, they have that stench of a wrestler doing something. I want to blow the doors down. I want to make a crazy violent film where it’s not like ‘Darby was playing it safe.’ I want to offend people. ‘F**k you. You’re not f**king with my art.’ I was in film school, we were making a movie, and the teacher told me, ‘You cannot make movies like this.’ I said, ‘I’m over 18. There should be no rules to what your body of art should be, especially in film school, of all places.’ I told her, ‘I’m done.’ I dropped out and that’s when I started training to be a pro wrestler. This is a full circle story to that. It’s interesting, but I literally will not compromise for anybody. That’s for wrestling, filmmaking, anything I do outside of the ring. That goes back to AEW. They said, ‘You’re onto something, just do you.’ I’ve been able to flourish so much within the five years of this company. It’s awesome. Just let people be themselves. Some people need to be led because not everybody has it within them. The people that have it within them, and you can sense that they have it, just let them loose.”

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