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Dax Harwood On Forging New Mindset After Anxiety Attack In 2021



During a recent appearance on the “Power Alphas” podcast, Dax Harwood recalled experiencing an anxiety attack a few years ago and how this event prompted him and his FTR partner, Cash Wheeler, to reassess their approach to their wrestling careers.

Harwood noted that the intense dedication and pressure he had been placing on himself had taken a toll on his well-being, leading to a decision to shift their perspectives and priorities in their professional endeavors.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On having an anxiety attack in June 2021 over his career: “I was going to work angry and … I was creating instead of trying to form bonds and friendships with people, and relationships with people, I think — I feel like — I was pushing people away and I got to the point where I feel like I was enjoying pushing people away, and that was scary to me.”

On Cash Wheeler suffering an injury at that time: “He called me about a week after, and he was crying, he said ‘I don’t think I want to do this anymore. I think I want to quit wrestling. I’m going to tell Tony that I want to retire and never wrestle again.’ He said ‘I feel like I’m putting so much out there and no one, no one cares enough to give anything back to me.’ And I was like oh man, we’re taking this way too much to heart… We had this long conversation where we said we can’t do this anymore, let’s just have fun.”

On his current mental health and AEW’s trajectory: “The trajectory is going up, we had a little rocky patch there for a while with some things that happened, but I think the company now is closer than it’s ever been. We have leadership, we have — everybody has a bond, we’re all working together to make AEW the best promotion possible.”

On his family life improving: “Her and I are equals, this whole — that’s what it is — this partnership, and although I’m the one bringing in the money, I wouldn’t be bringing in the money if I didn’t have her support and the things she does at home.”

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