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Dustin Rhodes – ‘I’m Proud Of Myself For Still Hanging In There’



In a recent appearance on the “Sports Guys Talk Wrestling” podcast, AEW veteran Dustin Rhodes discussed his current standing in the industry.

At present, Rhodes works as a wrestler and coach in AEW.

Rhodes said, “I’m proud of myself for still hanging in there and doing what I can to elevate these youngins and to make the next set of superstars for AEW to actually get their chance to shine because we have some amazing young talent. If I can help in any way, I’m there, absolutely. I love that Tony gives me the opportunities that he does. I get a lot more nervous now, in the last five years I guess, since I turned 50. When I go out, it is nerve-racking because I cannot afford to go out there and mess up. I don’t want to mess up. If I do, people are going to see that and say, ‘Oh, he needs to retire.’ That’s something that really bothers me. I have to go stay on top and keep working hard. I’ve been training my ass off and making sure that I don’t stumble in that ring. Listen, everybody does, but right now, I’m just focusing on whatever my next time is and what I have to do to get through that and try to put on a good show and entertain the fans like I always have. It’s very humbling for me and I love it. Without the fans, it would just be empty arenas and that’s no fun. We need them there every single time.”

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