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Dustin Rhodes Weighs In On AEW Working With NJPW & CMLL



On a recent edition of the “Sports Guys Talking Wrestling” podcast, Dustin Rhodes discussed AEW opening the door for CMLL and NJPW talent to appear for the company.

AEW began working with CMLL last month and has partnered with NJPW for a few years now.

You can check out the highlights from the podcast below:

On AEW working with NJPW and CMLL: “These guys are special, they have perfected their craft down there in Mexico. I love it here and everybody’s doing such a good job.”

On his work in AJPW in the 1990s: “Going to Japan is just probably one of my funniest places to go to. Everybody treats you like a king over there.”

On the Japanese audience’s more restrained reactions: “It’s a lot harder to get that energy from them. Everywhere in America where we’ve been has a few loud towns here and there but Texas always comes out … They believe in it, man, and they’re feeding us. We’re going off their energy. It makes for better shows. When that energy’s there, we’re on top of the world.”

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