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Eddie Kingston – ‘Screw You, Bryan Danielson. Screw You!’



On Saturday night’s episode of AEW Collision, AEW Continental Champion Eddie Kingston defeated Bryan Keith in a non-title match to open the show. Following the match, Tony Schiavone announced that Keith was All Elite.

In a new “Digital Exclusive” video released by AEW, Eddie Kingston wasn’t happy with Bryan Danielson coming out to interrupt the celebration for his match against Hechicero.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On Bryan Danielson: “I’m trying to be really professional. I know Bryan’s trying to get in my head. I don’t know about these rankings or who’s next. All I know is I went out there with this young man, Bryan Keith, who I’ve heard about. Stupid thing. Which I heard about for months now. That kid is grinding like I grinded. I wanted to give him an opportunity, and, man, he went out there, man, and he almost had it and he almost got me. It’s guys like Bryan Keith that keep me on my toes. I was so happy to see that kid’s face when he said that he was All Elite, when they signed that contract for him. Because I remember that when that happened to me. How good that felt after grinding for so many years.”

On Danielson trying to undermine Bryan Keith: “Then Bryan comes out, Bryan, I understand you’re trying to get underneath my skin, trying to make me flip out, but that doesn’t matter to me. What matters to me is that you took away a moment from a kid. You like to say and tell people back here, you judgmental prick. You like to tell everybody how you’re for the young guys, how you’re here to help everybody. What you did tonight was low life. What you did tonight is what the old-school guys used to do to the younger guys and hold them down. You were once held down, Bryan. You remember that? No, you can’t let that kid, Bryan Keith, have his moment.”

On his message to Bryan Danielson: “Why? Because you want to get under my skin? You’re going to screw that kid? Screw you, Bryan. Screw you! You want me pissed off? I’ve been pissed off, brother. All I need is just a little bit more and I’m about to explode. I got to keep my cool, man. I won’t keep my cool, though, Bryan, when I see you again in that ring. I think you’re a little too scared to get back in there with me. Because what happens if you lose again, Bryan? What happens if you lose twice to me? Huh? Can you live with that? I can live with defeat. I can live with victory. Because I know life goes on. The sun will rise tomorrow with or without me, but can you, Bryan?”

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