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Eddie Kingston Wants To Be AEW World Champion, Calls AEW ‘The Best’



In a recent interview with FOX 8 ahead of tonight’s episode of AEW Dynamite, Eddie Kingston discussed his goal to become AEW World Champion, what the title would mean to him, wanting to make fans care about his performances and more.

Kingston currently holds the AEW Continental Championship, the ROH World Championship, and the NJPW Strong Openweight Championship.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On what he will do when he becomes AEW World Champion: “When I become the world champion – and I say ‘the.’ I hate when people call it the AEW World Champion, cuz it means it’s just a world champion for that company. No. To me, for not just our company, but for wrestling in general, when you’re AEW World Champion, it’s the championship. So when I get that, and I’m putting it out in the universe so hopefully the universe gives back, then I’ll sit there and go ‘I’m that guy. I’m standing on my business now.’”

On the mentality of wanting to be the top guy: “If you don’t want to be a top guy, if you don’t push for that, then what’s the point of being in any sport? If you play in the NFL, if you’re not trying to get to the Super Bowl, then why are you sitting there – collecting money? Where’s the competitive spirit?”

On wanting people to care: “We’re all human beings. And we all have the same emotions. Professional wrestling fans in general understand emotion, struggle, pain. They understand that this guy is not a good person or this guy is or boo this guy, cheer this guy. I tell people I’m not in the pro wrestling business. Pro wrestling is a sport I’m in, but I’m in the emotion business. That’s our job. To pull the emotion out of any fan. I want people to care. I want people to cry when I win or lose. Even if they hate me and want me to lose I love it. Because you’re feeling something and I want you to feel something because that’s what I felt as a kid.”

On why AEW is the best: “I’m gonna say AEW is the best because they’re the ones who pay me and they’re the ones that took a chance on me, but I want both companies to have four or five million people watching. I want eight million people watching both shows because I want this business to survive. Because this business, people take this lightly, but in all honesty, this business saved my life.”

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