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Jeff Jarrett On Owen Hart Cup – ‘I Get To Introduce My Friend To A New Generation’



In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Jeff Jarrett discussed the significance of AEW’s Owen Hart Cup and expressed his appreciation for the opportunity it provides to introduce the late WWE Hall of Famer to a new generation of fans.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On the Owen Hart Cup tournaments: “Never in my wildest dreams did I think we’d be here. I get to introduce my friend to an entirely new generation of wrestling fans.”

On AEW putting a spotlight on Hart’s career: “It makes me very emotional. All the way back in May of 1999, I never thought that all these years later I would be continuing my in-ring career, which a blessing beyond my wildest imaginations, or that there would be this Owen Hart Foundation, which Owen’s wife created and does so much good for so many people all over the world. Owen’s children are grown up, and they represent their father so proudly. I love that Owen is being recognized as a father, a family man, a husband, a brother, and a professional wrestler. And we’re doing it in Calgary, a place that meant a lot to him.”

On Hangman vs. Danielson in the finals: “It’s the guy who eliminated me against the guy who I think doesn’t have a peer among current full-time, active wrestlers. That is no disrespect toward anybody else, but I don’t think Bryan Danielson has a peer. He’s that good, the epitome of professional wrestling. His storytelling is off the charts, his passion, his physicality–Bryan can do it all. So I feel incredibly grateful and honored to be part of it.”

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