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Jeff Jarrett On Why Ahmed Johnson Didn’t Go Further In WWE



On a recent edition of his “My World” podcast, Jeff Jarrett discussed the career of Ahmed Johnson and why he didn’t go further in WWE. He said,

“What an opportunity he had. For a period of time, they pushed him to the moon. Was he… too much too soon? Was he ready to have all that responsibility on him and be able to carry the load in that style? Obviously not. I’ll kinda say, at the end of the day, the cream always rises to the top, and your in-ring abilities, at some level, they just put limitations on you. Ahmed could get a reaction. He could do multiple power moves, but … put together a 20, 25-minute match?”

Jarrett alluded to the idea that an unwillingness to sell for others left the WWF higher-ups hesitant to push Johnson further than the mid-card scene. He said,

“He didn’t want to sell my guitar, he didn’t want to sell my chair shot. In a match, you gotta be able to give and take, sell back. There’s only one Ultimate Warrior… but later on, Warrior’s style was a complete disaster. That’s only a short window. When you get into that no-sell, or very limited sell, it just limits everything.”

Johnson debuted in the WWF in 1995 and received a strong push at start and would become the first black WWF Intercontinental Champion.

Johnson would leave the WWF in 1998. He has alleged that racism in the industry was a factor in his run, which some believed would see him win the WWF title, not going further.

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