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NewsAEWJeff Jarrett Thinks Satnam Singh Can Become A Megastar

Jeff Jarrett Thinks Satnam Singh Can Become A Megastar



AEW wrestler Jeff Jarrett gave his thoughts on various topics during the latest edition of his “My World” podcast, including fellow AEW star Satnam Singh.

Singh is slated to work a match on Wednesday’s episode of AEW Dynamite against Bryan Danielson.

Jarrett said, “Me and Satnam had ventured down into Mexico with AAA. I don’t think Dorian [AAA Director Dorian Roldán and his organization quite knew what they signed up for. Went down to the first TripleMania of 2024 in Monterrey. I’ll just say, my man Satnam Made a debut that I’m still super proud of the guy. Happy for him, and I just know the world is about to see a mega, megastar come on the scene now. A lot of things gotta line up, but the raw talent is obviously there. He’s truly one-in-a-billion guy. AAA saw the group and liked it so much, Satnam, Parker Boudreaux, Sam Adonis, QT Marshall, the Last Outlaw group, we’re heading to the main event in Tijuana in the middle of June. So Satnam’s career feels like it’s getting a lot of jet fuel in it. What an opportunity he has. We’ve talked many times on this podcast, I think Bryan Danielson is currently the best storyteller there is in professional wrestling, so that story of him, as you just said, counting the lights [laughs] and getting an ass-whooping, but Satnam, he’s gotta step up to the plate. This is an opportunity, so lots and lots of pressure on my man, Satnam, but I’m damn sure gonna be tuning in and excited for that. You never know what happens on Wednesday night.”

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