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Jim Ross On Whether AEW Has Discussed Hiring Jerry Lawler



Hiring Jerry Lawler hasn’t been discussed in AEW, as far as Jim Ross is aware, but the Oklahoma native knows to never count anything out.

Lawler was let go from his WWE contract earlier this year, ending his lengthy tenure with the promotion and questions have arose as to what’s next for him.

On a recent edition of his “Grilling JR” podcast, Ross discussed whether there have been moves in AEW to make The King ‘All Elite.’ He said,

“Having JR and ‘The King’ call a match, or a couple matches, at a big event is not beyond the realm of comprehension. It hasn’t been discussed, that I’m aware of, but Tony’s full of surprises and there’s a certain aura of marketability putting JR and ‘The King’ back together for, I don’t think weekly, at all, but I think occasionally, it could work.”

Ross recently said he is confident he and King haven’t called their last match yet. At this time, Lawler has not spoken publicly about possibly joining AEW.

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