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Jim Ross Provides Health Update, Remembers Calling Sting’s Final Match At AEW Revolution



In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, AEW broadcaster and WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross talked about calling Sting’s last match at AEW Revolution 2024 and his new book, Business Is About To Pick Up.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On calling Sting’s last match at AEW Revolution: “It was a very emotional night, and that pulse from the people at the Greensboro Coliseum was a great treatment for making my pain subside. Even if I knew I the adversity I was going to be in, I still would have gone. Sting means the world to me. I wasn’t going to miss it. Everybody talks about Sting in WCW, but I met Sting when he was tagging with Rick Steiner–and before that, Jim Hellwig–in Mid-South. When Cowboy [Bill Watts] fired Hellwig, he made sure to tell Sting he was wanted. He’s such a natural babyface. It’s hard to boo the guy. So I dealt with the pain. There are people out there in this world who have it a lot worse than me.”

On what he covers in his new book: “Some of the moments were great, some weren’t as great as others–that’s the nature of the beast. In the book, I cover the Steve Austin-Bret Hart feud, which was really enjoyable. I called their match at WrestleMania, and that’s such a significant match in my career. It was a masterclass by Steve and Bret. There is also a chapter on Barry Horowitz beating Chris Candido. People still talk about that, as crazy as it sounds. There’s a lot of good info. Wrestling fans are going to love it, and it’s going to reconnect them to a lot of memories.”

On looking back at Steamboat vs. Flair: “We look at Steamboat and Flair from ’89, which I hope is new information for younger fans, and if you were watching back then, which a lot of wrestling fans were, I’m looking forward to sharing some new nuggets with you, too.”

On his current health: “My health is better than it’s been in over a year, I’m happy to say. My right hip, that’s healing and getting better. My radiation wound from skin cancer–and I’m cancer-free–is still healing. Vaping has helped. It’s allowed me to stop taking pain medication and get me through the night.”

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