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Kenny Omega Says ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey Could Have Done Some Great Things In AEW



Kenny Omega is high on TNA Wrestling’s ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey and thinks a lot about him.

Omega recently gave his thoughts about Bailey on a Twitch stream after the latter made a name for himself on the indies and in TNA Wrestling.

Omega said, “Mike Bailey, now that’s a guy that’s been killing it. You want to talk about a journeyman, a guy who has been going to every little ‘Mom and Pop’ indie on the planet, doesn’t matter where, and he’s giving incredible efforts. I look at that guy and I’m thinking like, ‘Man, how are you not on the injury list?’ He wrestles with no shoes. On top of that, he’s doing Dives all the time. What the hell? Geez”

He continued, “Speedball could have done some great things in AEW. I mean, he still might, who knows? But I like him, I really do. I don’t really know him as a person, but as a performer, he’s great. I wrestled him once at PWG. I love that match, too, and he’s probably even better now.”

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