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Kevin Kelly Critiques Tony Khan’s Decision-Making Process At AEW



During a recent signing for K&S WrestleFest, former AEW broadcaster Kevin Kelly discussed the decision-making process at AEW by CEO and President Tony Khan.

Kelly also reacted to Frankie Kazarian’s recent remarks about AEW, likening it to “the inmates running the asylum.”

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Frankie Kazarian saying AEW is “the inmates running the asylum”: “The ‘inmates running the asylum,’ for me, is –- and it could have been when Frankie was there, again, our paths didn’t cross there, we were great friends — but maybe it was during his tenure. While I was there, it was a lot of, ‘Hurry up and wait for Tony Khan to make a decision.’”

On all the decisions in AEW going through Tony Khan: “Because every decision went through him. You know, picking out the color of the paint on the wall, you know what I mean? He has good people, he has tons of good people involved, why couldn’t he delegate more? Well, because … you have to ask him. And that’s where it is.”

Kevin Kelly departed from AEW/ROH earlier this year.

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