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Kevin Kelly Reacts To Chris Jericho’s ‘The Learning Tree’ Storyline, Mark Henry News



During a recent appearance on Eric Bischoff’s “Wise Choices” podcast, Kevin Kelly gave his thoughts regarding Chris Jericho’s latest gimmick in the form of The Learning Tree in AEW. He said,

“You can never discount Chris Jericho’s ability to get new things over. It’s like he always wants to challenge himself and do different things. It is where he sees himself at this time in his career, so let’s look at it at it from that point of view.”

He continued, “And I think that will help the audience embrace it. It is a little ‘inside baseball’ and I think that might be where some people miss out.”

At the WWE Vengeance 2011 pay-per-view event, Mark Henry and The Big Show broke the entire ring during their singles match.

Speaking on a recent edition of the “Insight with Chris Van Vliet” podcast, Henry recalled the memorable spot. He said,

“I think they told me that day when I got to the arena. And I was like, ‘What?’ And I’m thinking we gotta do it for real. So, the easiest way to make a ring fold up — ’cause I’ve seen rings fold up before. Underneath the rings, they’re all on wires, they wire them together to a central point in the middle, and it’s got so much support. So all you gotta do is just not put the wires on.”

He continued, “But what if in the middle of the match something happens? So all of that stuff is set up… it’s a magic trick to letting all of that stuff happen at the moment it’s supposed to happen, not before. Because then you put people in danger.”

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