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NewsAEWMark Henry Reveals His Goals Post-AEW Departure

Mark Henry Reveals His Goals Post-AEW Departure



Mark Henry’s contract with AEW expired on May 30, 2024, sparking speculations about his future in the professional wrestling industry.

In a recent interview with Sportskeeda, the WWE Hall of Famer elaborated on his plans following his AEW departure and emphasized his commitment to directing his efforts toward advancing his Strong Kids initiative, which aims to nurture children’s holistic development.

Henry said, “I needed time to focus some attention on Mark Henry Strong Kids. My lovechild, if you will, to the world, trying to teach kids how to not only get stronger physically, but get stronger mentally and emotionally, and explain to them how to be strong in willpower and discipline and also teach them how to compete. So, Mark Henry Strong Kids is number one.”

Following his departure from AEW, Henry made a surprise appearance alongside WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long at MLW Battle Riot VI.

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