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Mark Henry – ‘There’s Never Been Anybody Funnier Than Owen Hart’



Mark Henry believes that Owen Hart would be highly successful in today’s era of wrestling where there is a greater focus on entertainment.

On a recent edition of the “Six Feet Under” podcast, Henry spoke about his fellow Nation of Domination member and his entertaining antics. He said,

“Owen would be the most entertaining dude in wrestling today, because now it’s really entertainment. There’s a comedic element to it, there’s never been anybody funnier than Owen Hart. I’m telling you, they would be so over today, nobody would be remotely close. There was no such thing as ‘Jackass,’ there was no such thing as ‘Punk’d,’ they were doing that way back, way back. Bro, they would be so rich.” 

Hart’s pranks are the stuff of legend with plenty of people being the subject of his ribs, including former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

During his 2018 Hall of Fame speech, Henry pleaded with Dr. Martha Hart to allow Owen to be inducted but that has yet to happen.

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