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Mercedes Mone Reveals When Her Return At AEW Double Or Nothing Was Decided Upon



During Sunday night’s post-AEW Double Or Nothing 2024 media scrum, Mercedes Mone commented on making her return to the ring at the Double or Nothing pay-per-view event, when the date was decided upon for her to make her debut, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the media scrum below:

On how it felt to make her in-ring debut for AEW: “Wow. How did it finally feel after a year of being away from something that I loved since I was a little girl? Wrestling has not only changed my life, but saved my life. And coming here to AEW has saved my life, Tony. It’s given me new hopes, new dreams, new chances, new opportunities. And tonight, being here in AEW, celebrating five years of AEW. Being here with Willow who is legit one of the greatest women I’ve ever stepped in the ring with, like wow. And I’ve been doing this for 14 years, and she is legit one of the best. Amazing.

“Renee, to answer your question, it feels so incredible. I’ve been waiting for this moment, really ever since I got signed to AEW. But really, for the past two years, not knowing where I was going to be. What was going to happen after leaving WWE, what was going to be next for me. Because a lot of times in wrestling, people thing WWE is the only place. And I think tonight, we showed the wrestling world that it’s not the only place. AEW is where the best wrestle, and we had the greatest show tonight, celebrating five years of this incredible company where we cannot be denied, and we are just going to show wrestling fans around the world that this is the place to celebrate wrestling, because this is the best place to be.”

On deciding on Double or Nothing for her in-ring debut: “Well, me and Tony have been talking for a very long time. So people don’t even actually know when I got signed to AEW. The beginning of the year we talked, signed the deal and made it happen, and we were really talking about when was the perfect place and time for me to debut in the ring. We knew March 13th was going to be amazing in the Boston Garden. When Tony called me, he said, ‘I have the perfect place for you to debut. Boston, baby.’ I said, ‘Tony, Tony. You are just speaking my language. You are just speaking the Money.’

“And then he said, ‘We are celebrating AEW’s five year anniversary here in Las Vegas for Double or Nothing. Can you wait?’ I said, ‘B*tch! I’ve been waiting for a whole year, of course I can wait. I’m patient.’ So this is the perfect place, the grandest place that I can make my in-ring debut. And as you can see, money changes everything.”

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