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Nick Wayne – ‘My Main Goal Is To Main Event The Tokyo Dome’



Nick Wayne recently spoke with KIRO 7 News to discuss a variety of topics pertaining to his career and the goals he has in mind, including his desire to wrestle in the Tokyo Dome.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his career goals: “Biggest goal of all time, I want to be the best to ever do it or one of the best to ever do it. I want to make a really big scene on the Junior heavyweight scene, one day shoot up to heavyweight, and then become one of the best to do it. I want to main-event the Tokyo Dome in Japan. That’s a really big one for me. I want to win all the championships, I want to win the tournaments. I want to be as successful as possible so when one day, people look back at my career, they can look back at a historic career and look up to me and want to do the things I did, just like I’m doing with past wrestlers. I look at the things they’ve done and the achievements they’ve had. I say, I want to do what they did, I want people to look at me the same in these next coming generations.”

On his favorite memories of traveling for wrestling: “Japan. Just getting to debut in Japan, getting to debut at Korakuen Hall, which is a very historic professional wrestling building, I’ve studied and watched so many matches that happened in that building, and then getting to perform in there multiple times was just [an] unreal experience. Especially walking in for the first time, it’s like, wow, I’ve only ever seen this on YouTube. But just getting to experience their culture and their lifestyle and their wrestlers, and I idolize so many of their wrestlers, it was a dream come true getting to go to Japan and tour for them.”

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