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Orange Cassidy Discusses The Development Of His Character



While speaking on a recent edition of “The Mark Hoke Show,” Orange Cassidy spoke about his character in AEW.

Cassidy will defend the AEW International Championship against Roderick Strong at next month’s Revolution pay-per-view event. He said,

“So I could consider myself lucky or I could consider myself desperate. I have been wrestling for quite a long time and I have lots of friends in professional wrestling and at a certain point, when you wrestle as long as I have been and you see all the people that you came up with and all the people that are your friends get signed to different places, go do great things, travel around the world, and you’re still doing the small town stuff, you kind of have nothing to lose, right? Clearly no one was interested in me. It wasn’t anything I was doing that was working because I was listening to advice of people that worked for them. So I just decided to just do the opposite. Whatever I could do to stand out and be able to show everyone who Orange Cassidy is by being different is what I did and it started to work. I just started to be who I really am. I started just being lazy. I started doing what I want to do. I try to get in people’s heads and I think it resonated with people because you can identify with everybody. Everybody can identify with having to get up and go to work and not really wanting to be there, but still doing a good job. I think that’s what I try to embody.”

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