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Paul Wight Announces In-Ring Return, Zack Sabre Jr. Talks Wrestling Bryan Danielson



Paul Wight is returning to the ring soon.

The former WWE Grand Slam Champion posted a clip to his Instagram account where he announced his impending AEW in-ring return.

Wight last competed on the Chris Jericho Cruise in January. He last competed on AEW TV in November of last year.

You can check out Wight’s clip below:

In a recent interview with NJPW, Zack Sabre Jr. discussed his matches against Bryan Danielson, noting that he’d love to take their feud around the world.

Danielson has challenged Sabre Jr. to a two-of-three falls match outside of AEW and NJPW to conclude their trilogy.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his matches with Danielson: “Obviously wrestling Bryan the first time changed my whole career, and I’d come to terms that we’d never wrestle again. To have those matches back to back essentially meant so much to me because he’s the only one in the world I can wrestle that kind of a match with. It’s bittersweet because if (Osaka) was the last time we wrestled, it could potentially be the end of that style. I hope one day somebody will be as passionate about that style as me, but for now…Every big match that I’ve lost in my career, I’ve been so tunnel visioned in terms of going for a submission or wrestling and winning a certain way. I’m too stubborn to just take a win when it’s there.

“Even with Bryan in Osaka, pinning him with a crucifix hold that’s been a part of wrestling for at least hundreds of years is much more technical than knocking someone out. So even though we never tapped one another out in the end, it came from the horse’s mouth, so the Wrestling Observer has to name that technical wrestler award after me now.”

On a possible two-out-of-three falls match with Danielson: “Maybe international waters (laughs). But I’d love to do it around the world. Somewhere that’s not a NJPW or AEW ring. A match like this can go to every continent. I’m not sure how big wrestling is in Antarctica, but still.”

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