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Saraya Reveals The Top AEW Star That Has Helped Her With Promos



During a recent appearance on the “Izzy on Sports” podcast, Saraya explained that Jon Moxley has helped her with her promos, and she became more comfortable doing them while in AEW.

The former AEW Women’s Champion credited “Mox” with tapping into her true self and giving her the confidence to tell her story. She said,

“Jon Moxley actually helped me a lot. One of my best friends is Renee. I’m friends with the hubby, too. He was one of the catalysts and getting me over to AEW as well. He was on the phone with me and stuff like that. I was just like, ‘I just need help I don’t feel confident in myself.’ So, that promo with me and Britt [Baker] where I’m being real. I’m talking about real-life stuff. Like yeah, I am sober. Yeah, I was a mess. Yes, the world saw my tapes go on the friggin’ internet, just all the struggles that I went through for that year and a half. I was being real.”

She continued, “He was telling me I had to be real. He was just like, ‘That’s the perfect promo, stop trying to be a character right now and just speak your truth’ kind of thing. He was helping me with that kind of stuff. He really, really did help me. It made me come out of my shell, and made me feel way more comfortable.”

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