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Swerve Strickland – ‘AEW Morale Has Been Excellent’



Although much is made about the morale of any locker room, depending on what is happening behind the scenes, both good and bad, Swerve Strickland thinks AEW is in a good spot.

Speaking on a recent edition of the “Smooth Vega” podcast, Swerve gave his thoughts on the morale in the promotion. He said,

“Morale has been excellent. I haven’t seen any issues. I haven’t seen issues when morale was said to be down. I had a good time, the people I worked with had a great time. Name a work place that doesn’t have people having issues with what’s going on at their job in their position. People want to get better and move up the card. People want to get more TV time and to be the champion. People want a match with him or a match with her. That’s everywhere.”

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