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Swerve Strickland On Floyd Mayweather’s Appearance At DON 2024, The Young Bucks Talk AEW



During the 2024 AEW Double Or Nothing post-show media scrum, The Young Bucks discussed AEW’s fifth anniversary and provided insights into the Anarchy In The Arena match which they won.

Matt said, “Coming off a big W for us, Team Elite, so it feels good. I’ve got good match syndrome, I feel good about it. I feel good about five years. It’s crazy walking these halls. You weren’t here Renne, in the beginning. But we were; I don’t know if anyone else in the room was either, but we certainly were. But five years ago, we started this company called AEW. We designed the logo, we created the entire thing.”

Nick said, “We named the show.”

Matt added, “In a group chat with Tony Khan, it was our idea. And it’s just cool to come back here and just feel that presence, feel that nostalgia, you know? And see a lot of familiar faces, people that aren’t around all the time. I just — what we accomplished here in AEW, I said this in an interview recently, it’s unprecedented. I feel that there’s a lot of ungrateful folks, some people in this room. A lot of people in the locker room, a lot of people out there tonight [in the arena[. What we’ve done in five years, no other company — no other wrestling company, certainly, has ever done. And I think that sometimes you’ve gotta stop and smell the roses, and go ‘Look at what we’ve done! Look at the PPVs we’ve had. Look at the in-ring matches that we’ve had.’ This is unbelievable!”

During the 2024 AEW Double Or Nothing 2024 post-show media scrum, Swerve Strickland provided insights on MJF’s highly anticipated return to AEW at Sunday’s event and addressed boxing legend Floyd Mayweather’s presence in the audience.

You can check out some highlights from the media scrum below:

On Floyd Mayweather being in attendance at the show: “Floyd has been a friend of ours, my man Flash Garments over here. He gets a free pass every time he comes to All Elite Wrestling because once again, we’re here to grow to this company and we’re here to bring something to All Elite Wrestling, not just take. We want to give, like if we have opportunities and connections, we’re going to bring them here every single time. And we want to blow this place up, and we want to be the catalysts of it.

“So that’s how Floyd came here. We’ve actually been talking to Floyd for like two years now, like his whole family trying to have him come every time we’re in Vegas. So finally, he was like, ‘Alright. This is the day we’re pulling up.’ So he pulled up and made it to the match. We pulled out a banger in front of him, he’s like, ‘I’m in.’”

On bringing outside parties into AEW from hip-hop and other fields: “It feels natural, it’s not like a really forced thing; it’s just like, I’m just being me and we’re just like, ‘Hey, I know some people, you know some people. Let’s just be us on camera. We just turn the volume up a little bit, be a little more colorful.’ But at the end of the day, you’ve still gotta perform and put out bangers.

“And like I said, this show top to bottom was incredible. And you have to compete with all that and remain competitive. And then also try to bring something new. That’s why I do the media the way I do. I want to grow myself and I want to grow this company any way I can. And if I’m going to all this media, and I’m showing all the world that like, ‘This is my culture, this is who I am,’ and I’m the first African-American Champion here in All Elite Wrestling, let’s blast this. Let’s showcase everywhere, let’s tell the world that. Let’s shock the world who don’t know, and it’ll bring them over here.”

On MJF making his return: “It’s a possibility, and that’s the beauty of this whole company: everything’s possible. I know he probably has some unfinished business with what Undisputed Kingdom did to him and Adam Cole, he probably wants to finish up some things. But it just goes to show you, I’m not one of the ones you can just walk over and come at any time, any place, anywhere you just see fit. While you were gone, I was building. And while I was building, I was making this place a fortress.

“So you can come in. And I’m not even saying you can’t even challenge for the World Championship. But you got work to do, just like I had work to do. You’ve got work to do to show me something, because this ain’t the same All Elite Wrestling from where you left.”

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