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Swerve Strickland Reveals Why Winning The AEW World Title Is So Special To Him, NWA News



Swerve Strickland defeated Samoa Joe in the main event of AEW Dynasty 2024 to capture the AEW World Championship, and he recently spoke with “River City Live” to reveal how much the title win means to him.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On the title win: “I’ve held a lot of championships in my career. This one is just at the very, very top. It’s not even close. The moment, the championship, the match, the pay-per-view, the headline, the opponent, all that means so much because of this championship.”

On why it’s so special to him: “Being the first of anything is gonna hold significance to me, not only just the performer, but the company. Going through the airport the day afterwards, like I took pictures with fans that literally flew from other states and sides of the country to come see this event happen because they just felt like this is the moment, this is the coronation of something historic, and people were crying in the crowd, in the front row, after the victory. People were shaking [while] I’m shaking their hands. I’ve never had that experience before.

“Seeing how much that means to everybody, it felt like we won. That’s what you kind of want from your fan base, and I feel like that’s what made the main event special. Hat’s off to Ospreay and Bryan Danielson having a classic banger out there, which I knew they would. But this one hit home a little differently because it was to the heart, it was to the sentiment. It was something special.”

The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) sent out a press release on Tuesday to announce that they’ll be holding their “Back To The Territories” taping in Knoxville, TN on June 1st.

You can check out the official announcement below:

One of the coolest parts about the National Wrestling Alliance has always been the legacy that comes with it, and big part of that was the territory system that the Alliance was made of. No matter where you were, you were part of a special community full of its own established stars, local talent, and even your own regional champions.

Over the last several months, we here at the NWA have been working hard to rebuild that system and in doing so, we’ve already been taken aback by the new stars we’ve seen and the incredible excitement that the #NWAFam has had for this project.

That’s why we decided, if it’s true the territories are on the rise, it’s time to showcase them!

In this show alone, you’re going to see representation from all of the NWA territories as well as NWA affiliate promotions

You’ll see stars from:

NWA Exodus Pro – (World Heavyweight Champion EC3’s home terrirtory)

NWA JCP – (Joe Cazana Promotions – home of The Country Gentlemen & Southern 6)

NWA Chicago – (William Patrick Corgan’s home territory)

FTW (Fight The World Wrestling – run by Bryan Idol)

WLW (World League Wrestling – started by the legendary Harley Race)

KFW (Kross Fire Wrestling – the home territory of World Women’s Champion Kenzie Paige and her sister Kylie Paige)

But the event isn’t just about talent alone, we’re going all the back to the territory days!

We’re talking high school gym, rowdy fans and the old school school mentality we just can’t shake no matter how much the time’s change!

It’s also for a good cause as portion of the proceeds go to the Karns Football team

If you’re a fan of the way things used to be, this is a show you don’t want to miss!

We hope you join us in Knoxville as we go BACK TO THE TERRITORIES!

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