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Tony Khan’s AEW Reported To FBI Over Alleged Doxing Incitement



AEW President Tony Khan has received mixed responses from the wrestling community regarding his booking.

Recently, a significant controversy emerged when a fan brought AEW to the attention of the FBI, alleging that Khan’s company was involved in promoting doxing.

The professional wrestling industry has been marred by tribalism, particularly in recent years. The level of toxicity escalated to a degree where a Twitter user, Technibility, claimed victimization and lodged a complaint against AEW over purported fan-driven doxing activities.

Technibility announced the submission of a formal complaint to the FBI. He asserted that, under Khan’s leadership, AEW allegedly endorsed the doxing practice, which involves exposing individuals’ private information.

Technibility further alleged that this behavior had remained unchecked by AEW. He elaborated on the specifics of the complaint, stating,

”Re: Complaint against All Elite Wrestling, LLC

I am one of many individuals and victims of internet doxing, encouraged by All Elite Wrestling, LLC, owned by Tony Khan, their employees, their consumers, and subsidiaries.

There will be evidence provided to showcase that All Elite Wrestling, LLC at large has promoted their consumer base to act in such a manner that exposes people’s private information, photos, and other data to be used against them, with no denouncement of egregious behavior, accountability, or any action by All Elite Wrestling, LLC or its counterparts to denounce said unethical activity and business practices.

Along with the data and proof I will provide, there will be a multitude of examples of intentional targeted harassment, data leaks, slander, libel, and other instances of abuse that can potentially lead to a class-action lawsuit against All Elite Wrestling, LLC, along with subsidiary organizations and internet publications who have encouraged this behavior, as well as lower-level social media users (who will be named) that have been tasked with encouraging doxing of anyone with dissenting opinions on various social media platforms against All Elite Wrestling, LLC

Despite the serious allegations, Technibility ultimately deleted his Twitter account after filing the complaint. It remains to be seen whether Khan will address these claims publicly.

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