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Tony Schiavone – ‘AEW Collision Is At Times Better Than Dynamite’



On a recent edition of his “What Happened When” podcast, AEW broadcaster Tony Schiavone drew comparisons between Dynamite and Collision, noting that Saturday’s show feels better than Wednesday’s show on certain weeks. He said,

Lot of excitement about [AEW Revolution]. Yes, the shows have been good. Really, I really think that Collision has been great. It has been. They’ve been great shows, and I’m just really excited about, after we do the shows, I’m thinking that was a damn good show. Not saying overall it’s a better show than Dynamite, but at times, it is a better show. Some weeks, it is a better show. In the natural course of things, it happens like that, and some weeks, Dynamite’s a better show. But I’ve been very, very happy about Collision. I really enjoy working with Kevin Kelly and Nigel, I really do. We’ve really developed a friendship, and we get along with each other, and because I do a lot of the announcing on Collision, I really do that much backstage at Collision. Tony [Tony Khan] told me, ‘Just be an announcer on those days.’ So I kind of go back and stay in the announcers’ room the entire day without running around, being a pain in the ass like I normally am. So those are good days. I really enjoy Saturday.”

AEW Collision premiered on June 17, 2023, and is positioned as AEW’s second main program behind Dynamite which premiered on October 2, 2019.

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