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Tony Schiavone Praises 2024 Anarchy In The Arena Match, Dax Harwood Reflects On 4 Years In AEW



Tony Schiavone was a big fan of the Anarchy in the Arena match at the 2024 AEW Double or Nothing pay-per-view event.

Taking to his “What Happened When” podcast, the AEW announcer opined on Anarchy in the Arena 2024, why the match was memorable, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the Anarchy in the Arena match: “So some things happened in that match. Obviously, the one thing that happened was Jack Perry getting burned, but a lot of things happened in that match. Darby being tied up by his legs. As that’s going on, to be honest with you, I’m thinking, ‘What the f**k are we doing?!’

On the match being memorable: “Again, you’re right. It’s memorable. It’s things that happened that you’re going to remember for a long long time. When people say, ‘Hey, did you ever see AEW Double or Nothing?’ They’re going to say, ‘Yeah, I remember when they burned Jack Perry and they tied Darby Allin upside down, and he wore a face guard with thumbtacks on.’”

FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) are celebrating four years with AEW, and Harwood took to Instagram to reflect on his tenure there. He wrote,

“I’d be remiss if I didn’t speak on our 4 year Anniversary here at AEW. Sometimes, online, I get a lot of flack for either defending AEW too often, or being soft when it comes to the criticisms of the company. Mostly by ex-wrestling personalities who now have an outlet to speak and use AEW for clicks & likes, which is completely ironic because they all hope for the very worst for the company that they monetize the most from.

ANYWAY…I get a lot of flack, and sometimes, that does suck. However, without this company, I doubt I’d still be in wrestling. All I ever wanted was to do something GOOD for pro wrestling. That was never going to happen without AEW. I was watching my career and my hopes of a legacy in the industry that I’ve loved for over 30 years, fade away. Then AEW came along.

Now, I’ve had the greatest matches of my career; some even say the best tag matches of all time. I’ve become a 10 WORLD Tag Team Champion. I’ve won numerous awards from internationally reputable organizations. Above all, I’ve made a living that takes care of my family (yes I know I say it all the time) incredibly well, all because of AEW.

So yeah, maybe I do defend the company too much. Maybe I do defend my boss too much. But it’s all done from a place of absolute love and passion for this profession. A LOVE that we all, as fans, have! And if that makes me wrong, then I can deal with that.

Thank you AEW for 4 years. I’m looking forward to 40 more.

Top Guys, out.”

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