AEW’s Cash Wheeler Recalls Working As An Extra For WWE


AEW’s Cash Wheeler has said WWE contacted him to work as an extra several times before he signed a full-time contract with the company.

Wheeler worked as Dash Wilder in WWE but had several uncredited on-screen roles prior to his time as a Superstar.

Speaking to Renee Paquette on ‘The Sessions,’ Wheeler recalled being asked to become a member of CM Punk’s cult-like stable, the Straight-Edge Society:

“[WWE] reached out like, ‘Hey, how long is your hair?’” “I’m like, ‘Not that long, honestly. I just got it cut recently’. They’re like, ‘Okay, would you be willing to have it shaved?’ And I was like, ‘Uhh, yeah? When?’ ‘Tomorrow, in Carolina’. ‘Yeah, sure.’

“So they want me to dress up like an extra like I’m in the crowd.” “They put me front row, (Punk) comes out. Him and Gallows do their thing and I jump up and down to try and get noticed, they come over and bring me into the ring and shave my head.”

Wheeler added that when Punk joined AEW last August, the former World Champion did not remember the segment until Wheler showed him photos.

The former AEW World Tag Team Champion also had other roles before becoming a Superstar:

“I was a paramedic for Mark Henry when he pulled the trucks… I was a cameraman when Mark Henry hit me with a chair, bag boy for Cody (Rhodes). Yeah, for Cody and Randy (Orton), I was the bag boy for their [Street Fight] match on SmackDown. It was a fantastic match. So like, for me, I love watching both those guys anyway, so getting to watch the match live – like, next to them, get to hear kind of how they’re putting it together before I had any sort of TV experience, I was like, ‘Woah, this is awesome.’”

Wheeler most recently competed on last week’s Dynamite, where he and Dax Harwood were in a tag-team battle royal won by the Young Bucks.

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