Aiden English Comments On WWE Telling Superstars What To Post On Twitter


Former WWE Superstar and color commentator Aiden English spoke with Fightful Select recently. He talked about how WWE would instruct their Superstars on what to post to Twitter, and fans ribbing him over the “Milwaukee” angle between he, Lana and Miro (Rusev).

WWE telling their Superstars what to post on Twitter: “I mean, it would depend. Most often it was just if they needed you. Like, if you were taking part in some kind of media campaign. Say, you helped film a commercial for Snickers or something like that. They might be like, ‘Hey, the campaign launches on Friday, could you just please do a tweet?’ Nobody’s ever saying, ‘You have to send this tweet.’ It was always, ‘Hey, here’s a link. Just tell people to check out the commercial or enjoy Snickers or something like that.’ Then, obviously, the more kind of stuff you were doing with that the better. Occasionally if it was part of the TV program where [they] want to get this match set-up via Twitter, like they sometimes do—like, ‘Challenge accepted’ kind of tweets—you were obviously given that. They would see you at TV or call you or text you or things like that. It was pretty loose handed if it was.”


Fans ribbing him over the “Milwaukee” incident: “No. Milwaukee, I love it, man. God, that was like C-movie gold. You just gotta embrace it. [smiles]”

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