AJ Francis Reveals Whether He’d Return To Host WWE’s ‘Most Wanted Treasures’


Former WWE Superstar AJ Francis (Top Dolla) recently did a virtual signing for K&S WrestleFest and revealed that he’d “absolutely” be willing to host additional episodes of WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures series on A&E. According to Francis, he originally signed on for “multiple seasons” of the show.

Of course, Francis was released from his WWE contract back in November.


You can check out some highlights from the virtual signing below:

On if he would do more episodes of the series: “Absolutely. I would definitely do the show. I loved doing the show. The only beef I had with the show is we started in July and I was told it would be done in November and it wasn’t done until March. That was the only thing I had a problem with the show. They didn’t offer to pay me more money, they just said, ‘we have to finish the show.’ I would need a more clear cut schedule. I would absolutely do the show. I love doing the show. I don’t know if they want me to do the show. Clearly, I was a good part of it and a good thread that told the story of the show, that was intentional and the direction from the director and how they edited it together. That was the whole point of my existence on the show. They can do it with somebody else if they want to. Will they be as good? I don’t know. I don’t think so, but they are more than welcome to try. If they called me back and said, ‘Hey….’ I’m signed for multiple seasons.”

On his contract for the show: “It’s through WWE Studios. It’s a completely different contract than my WWE contract. I’m signed to do multiple seasons. Contracts ain’t worth the piece of paper they are wrote on. I could be back. When I did the show last time, we started filming in July, I found out I got the gig in May. It was that quick of a turnaround. I was the last person to be added to the show. That could happen again or I could never hear from them and it fade off into the distance and they do it with someone else.”

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