AJ Gray Challenges Eddie Kingston At GCW’s ‘The WRLD On GCW’ In NYC


GCW (Gamechanger Wrestling) recently posted a new video promo from AJ Gray where he challenges Eddie Kingston to a match at ‘The WRLD on GCW’ event, which takes place at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City on January 23rd. Gray said,

“Two years ago, bro. Two years ago, I got to the top of the mountain, boy. I took the crown, I smashed that bitch on the ground, dog. I’m the one who is uncrowned king. I was GCW World Champion. Look at me now, dog. January 23, I ain’t got a motherfuckin’ match. January 23, I’m the one left out in the motherfuckin’ dark. That’s alright. That’s all cool, that’s all gravy. I’m gonna call my motherfuckin’ shot right now. There is only one person in this business like me. There is only one person who ain’t understood like me. There is only one person as volatile as me. There is only one person who want to get down just like me. Eddie Kingston. Mad King. You all I want boy. January 23, we have a date with destiny. See me at Hammerstein Ballroom.”

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