AJ Lee Discusses Who She Was Writing For In Her Book


AJ Lee was a recent guest on the WTF W/ Marc Maron podcast promoting her book, “Crazy Is My Superpower” & discussing who her book was intended for.

Here is a highlight from that particular portion of the podcast:

“My goal in writing it was to think about who I was when I was kind of lost and alone and young and looking for anybody to help me out. So, I wanted to help, if I could go back in time and tell he  ‘It’s going to be OK!’ So, it’s sort of for me as that young girl or girls that are similar. The really cool thing doing these signings lately have been the grown men and women and elderly people and really, really young kids that I didn’t even know they knew me on TV that are just connecting to the message of mental health. Some people are like ‘I don’t even watch you in wrestling, but I think it’s cool that you are talking about this and trying to break that stigma’, so it’s kind of reaching a wide range.”


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