AJ Lee Says Being WWE Divas Champion Is Surreal


AJ Lee recently spoke with CitizensVoice.com about her Diva’s title right and more. Check out the highlights:

On being Divas Champion: “To actually have completed that 14-year mission is amazing and surreal. I’ll kinda leave the title around my apartment, just to remind me of it. Yeah, I put it in the bed with me sometimes.”

On paying tribute to Eddie Guerrero with the “playing possum” spot: “That was like my shout-out to him for being my inspiration all these years. He was so funny, and whether he was somebody you wanted to boo or cheer – he was so easily (bad or good), and he didn’t really change that much of his style. So funny and sassy and shady. He would just cheat all the time, and it was so goofy.”

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