AJ Lee Talks A Return To The Ring + Cesaro Speaks Out


— Antonio Cesaro recently spoke with WWE Magazine about the difference between himself and other former independent wrestlers in WWE. Here is what he had to say…

“Obviously, I have a similar background and experience as the men you mentioned, but that’s where those similarities end. If you look at me, what you see is someone with the physique and build of a true WWE Superstar.”

— WWE RAW General Manager AJ Lee recently spoke with WWE Magazine about a return to the ring. Here is what she had to say…

“I actually do miss the ring. I think the funny part is that I’ve always thought I would be wrestling the ring and didn’t believe I’d be useful in any other capacity. I just never saw myself in any different way. It’s hilarious to me what I’m most known for these days! There are so many layers to this business than just getting in the ring. I spent a year performing at live events, but I didn’t get much time on television. I think I’ll use it to my advantage. Hopefully, I’ll have a very long career, and time for that – and I’ll be able to surprise people.”

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