AJ Lee Used To Be Homeless, Ken Shamrock/WWE ’13, Comic-Con


Partial Source: WZROnline.com

— UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock will be included in the WWE ’13 videogame. Shamrock worked with WWE from 1997 through 1999, held the IC and Tag Team Titles, and also won the King of the Ring Tournament. WWE ’13 will be released on October 20th.

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donut31014 sent this one along: AJ Lee was on the Kidd Chris show this morning on Project 96.1 in Atlanta and spoke about how she was homeless for 2 different spurts with her family totaling 5 years. She is now the bread winner for the family and supports them. I was surprised by this and figured some others may be too.

Fightfires4fun sent this one along: I just got back from the Chicago Wizard World show and was able to meet all the superstars in attendance. On Thursday, John Cena had a huge crowd. The place was very hot for him and it appeared he was genuinely appreciative of the reaction. This is my first time meeting John and was surprised how soft spoken he was. Today while in line for CM Punk and female fan began to ridicule and yell at CM Punk because she said that she approached him in a restaurant recently and he refused to give her an autograph. CM did have a handler with him to his right and it appeared that she was waiting to see what CM Punk’s reaction would be. CM Punk initially did not engage the women but kept his head down, not looking up, shaking his head, signing autographs. You could see by the smirk on his face that he was beginning to get irritated. At this point, the fan stated ” You are from Chicago, who are you to ignore a fan when you are in Chicago?” At this point, CM looked up, obviously upset and said, “Who do you think you are walking up to me in a restaurant when I am eating and demanding an autograph?” It quickly got quiet and the handlers in the area were getting visibly concerned. At this point, the fan was “ushered” out of the autograph area. CM continued to shake his head while signing but was very polite to each person to approach him in the moments after this exchange. I was 5 people behind this fan he was very polite, greeting me first, and exchanging pleasantries but was obviously bothered by the exchange. The fans in the area applauded CM Punk as the fan was escorted away. Seeing these types of incidents happen in the past, CM Punk handled it very well.

Numerous other past superstars were also in attendance. Lita was very cordial and extended her hand to me and introduced herself to me first when I approached her table. Kevin Nash looked great and was very accommodating to fans with autographs, photos, and stories. John Morrison and Melina appeared to be enjoying themselves and the fans were enjoying them. The Bella Twins were there but Nikki was the only one who appeared to be enjoying herself. She was very accommodating to the fans but Brie appeared less-than-thrilled to be there. It is now quite easy to tell the twins apart as Nikki was showing off her recently “surgically enhanced parts.” Maryse was also in attendance it appeared she wanted nothing to do with being there. She would not look up from texting when a fan would approach the table until her handler put something in front of her to sign. I never saw her take one photo with a fan. She did have her dog with her and had it sitting on the table for most of the day today.

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