AJ Meeting Lita Video Update + Ambrose Deletes Tweets


— Nearly all Dean Ambrose’s tweets have been deleted from his account; he currently has just one left, a retweet of someone else. Based on past behavior, this could be a sign that WWE is promoting him to the main roster shortly.

— JBL posted the following update on Twitter in regard to his “Seven Summits” mountain climbing quest: Just booked mountains in Africa, South America and Antarctica all by January! @wwe #sevensummitsforkids training starts Sunday!

— Yesterday, we posted a 2001 video of former WWE Women’s Champion Amy “Lita” Dumas autographing copies of the It Just Feels Right video release has drawn attention online as one of the fans she meets appears to be a teenage AJ.

Dumas was asked on Twitter whether the girl in question is the current WWE Diva, who became very emotional upon meeting her heroine. Dumas replied, “YES. So cute.”

AJ joked about the encounter, writing to Dumas, “Haha. Proof I stalked you before stalking anyone else.”

You can view the video below:

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