AJ Says She Quit College To Wrestle + Brock Lesnar/WWE


— Just to reiterate, Brock Lesnar has NOT really quit WWE. This is simply a storyline angle as he’s got a limited number of dates on his current WWE contract. He’ll be returning to the company later this year (likely in a rematch with Triple H) and will also work a match at WrestleMania 29.

— Poww Entertainment has issued a statement on the death of Real World alumnus Joey Kovar. TMZ reports that Kofar, who worked with the promotion in 2010 after his Real World appearance, had expressed interest in working for TNA Poww promoter Jim Blaze said that Kovar was well-liked during his time with the promotion and was well-respected. Blaze took a moment during an Illinois show to address Kovar’s death, saying, “Everyone has demons and addictions … we need to support each other to help people overcome them.”

— AJ recently spoke with Esquire about becoming a wrestler, being RAW GM and more. Check out the highlights:

On quitting college to become a wrestler: “I actually went to NYU for six months, had some family issues that kind of set me back, and I couldn’t afford to go anymore. That was the theme going on in my whole life, you know: money stopping me from whatever I wanted to do. My dream my entire life was to be a wrestler, so that was my moment where I was like, Okay, let’s do it now. I went to wrestling school and found a full-time job to support it.”

On putting on weight in FCW: “I had never lifted a weight in my life. I was thin and didn’t realize how small I was — I was like 96 pounds when I got signed. You don’t want to be 96 pounds. It’s not attractive. I didn’t know how to do my hair and makeup. I was such a tomboy. The fact that they can see through that and say, ‘We’re going to teach you’ — that helped me learn. I learned how to work out. I gained 10 pounds of muscle within a year.”

On being the RAW GM: I’m the boss! I run our flagship program, and it’s a huge weight to carry. It’s hilarious that the tiniest person has the most power. It came completely out of left field. I had no idea that they were looking for a general manager for a really long time. They felt that it would be really surprising and unpredictable. So, you know, I book matches. I’m the boss of all the guys. It’s fun because a lot of them have wronged me.”

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