AJ Styles Comments on the Rules of His “Boneyard Match” With The Undertaker


AJ Styles took to his Mixer stream on Friday, giving some hints as to what the rules of his “Boneyard Match” with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 36 will be. You can check out some highlights from the stream below:

On where the name came from: “A Boneyard Match. Everybody wants to know what’s a Boneyard Match. Even I was wondering what a Boneyard Matrch is. But under the circumstances, I thought it would be — there’s a reason why I think it’s called a Boneyard Match, because we didn’t want to say cemetery or grave or anything, and try to be a little delicate on this. You know just, everything that’s going on, it sucks. So, [I] said Boneyard, and Boneyard’s slang for graveyard, it really is.”

On what the match is: “So that’s the thing where I think, that’s the difference with a Boneyard Match [no referee]. Maybe this is something new, I don’t know. It’s not in an arena, of course. But like it’s — a Buried Alive match is in an arena, I’ve seen that. Graveyard Match, I’m not sure what — have they had one of those before? But the fact of the matter is … I think it’s a combination of things you thought it was, most likely. I think it’s going to be that. And I think it’s different.”

On keeping the match secret until it happens: “I don’t want to give anything away. I don’t want to say too much, I want you guys to enjoy this. And because of the circumstances, I am so glad that my opponent is The Undertaker, because it’s an opportunity to have a different match … So, let me make myself clear on the Boneyard Match. A Boneyard Match means anything can happen. It’s in a graveyard and there will be a grave. Does that kind of put it into perspective? There will be a hole.”

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