AJ Styles Gets Defeated in the WWE 2K19 Million Dollar Challenge


AJ Styles, who is a HUGE gamer, was defeated by a “fan” in the WWE 2K19 Million Dollar Challenge during WrestleMania AXXESS. Stephan T. Benson of Philadelphia, PA beat Styles in the “main event.” WWE sent out the following presser:

“Benson’s journey began in October 2018 with the launch of WWE 2K19 and the Million Dollar Tower, a difficult gauntlet challenge designed to put players to the ultimate test. After toppling the tower and submitting a video describing how he would be the one to beat AJ Styles, Benson was selected to compete based on his talent in-game and charisma on the mic. Benson’s next challenge took place earlier today at WrestleMania Axxess where, accompanied by WWE Superstar coach The Miz, he fought his way through a grueling semifinal bracket against global competition to prove he had what it took to face ‘The Phenomenal One’ head-to-head.

I’m a freakin’ millionaire! WWE 2K made this amazing for me. This is the best weekend of my life. I thank AJ Styles, Xavier Woods, Corey Graves and everyone that was a part of this. Now my life has changed and my dream has come true.”

You can see the video of the finals below:

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