AJ Styles: It’s Time For TNA To Hold A UK Pay-Per-View Event


In an interview on Wrestlecast podcast with the UK Sun’s Rob McNichol, AJ Styles said he would like to have a TNA PPV air from the UK. He added that he wasn’t worried about the PPV being taped to air in the standard US timeslot.

“What baffles me the most is why we haven’t run a PPV here. That’s what I want to see. And not just any PPV. I want to see Slammiversary here. I want to see Bound for Glory here. These fans, they want it – let’s give it to them. They’ll be there, they’ll watch it. What’s the problem? Let’s get it done. Just tape it. You’d get it a couple of hours late (in the U.S.) but people are going to buy the PPV whether it’s taped or not. They’re going to want to see it. If it’s a money issue, then there are going to be so many people in that arena that it’s not even going to be a factor,” Styles said.

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