AJ Styles Opens Up On What Vince McMahon Told Him When He Signed With WWE


During WWE 365 special on AJ Styles, Styles revealed what WWE Chairman Vince McMahon told him when he started with the sports entertainment company. Here is what he had to say (H/T to Wrestling Inc):

“I was anxious, I was worried, what was expected of me. I talked to Vince. He goes, ‘We’ve got guys that can do what you do, that’s not a big deal. i need a pitbull.’ And I thought, ‘Oh! That’s who I am.’”

As noted, Styles is believed to be negotiating a new deal with WWE. According to a report from Fightful, Styles is looking for a reduced schedule on a new 3-year deal. It was noted in the report that Styles was the person who made the push to recently lose the WWE Title to Daniel Bryan. The reason for that is due to the amount of time being champion was causing him to be on the road and away from his family.

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